“Every minority has a priority, we want to be equally free"

Shishani Vranckx

Welcome to Spring-art

Welcome on my website, where I express my love for painting. Although this hobby goes with flows and depends on how much space I feel. In the end of 2018 I discovered a new kind of technique which I develop through experimenting during painting on a MDF canvas. I work with the materials of crepe paper, tile joint and acrylic paint. These together give a beautiful rough structure and lines. Hope you enjoy these new paintings and by looking around!
Feel free to drop me a line or two! :-)
Mon, 21 Mar '16personPraveen
Congratulations on the new beginning... 😉 😉
Mon, 21 Mar '16Sabine
Thank you Praveen for the first English comment and support! 😉 😀
Thu, 26 May '16personHubertus
Congratulations for your projekt.....your passion shines through your work and your smile inspires me...
Thu, 26 May '16Sabine
Thank you Hubertus [thankyou]
Wed, 5 Apr '17personPezhman
Dear Sabine, I congratulate you for your really beautiful and well-design website and your startup. YOU're indeed a creative, passionate and positive person. Thank you for all positive energy that you share with your arts, words and kindness. YOu're always inspirational. A little in Swedish: Vi önskar dig och ditt projekt all lycka. and in Persian: Pirouz bashi!